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How accurate is the factory WBO2 sensor?

The factory WBO2 is fairly accurate has measured by Hondata, and also as confirmed by E-tunez. Under certain conditions (extreme rich or temperature) the sensor can read off slightly, but in general is more then accurate enough.

At part throttle conditions the sensor excels, reading stochiometric AFR’s very accurately. At WOT conditions the sensor reads correctly as long as it is not overheated, or subjected to AFR’s that are too rich.

Here is an example of the stock WBO2 vs an aftermarket Innovate LC-1 WBO2:

WBO2 Compare

Overall the sensors are very close... but since tuning is an art of attention to details, lets take a look at the differences. The second run with a larger error range was done within 25 seconds of the first run (see times). As long as there is a minute between runs, the error gap remains small, like in the first run. We can also further judge these conditions if necessary by looking at how and when the datalog was done, the Hondata Flash Pro tuning solution accounts for this error and corrects Primary O2 sensor readings under necessary conditions.