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What can E-tunez do for me?

Aside from a custom map, thorough datalog analysis, and the peace of mind from experienced personelle analysing your setup, you will get a complete report, and screen shots of what was done to your tune, and why it was done. You get the peace of mind of a job well done, and the proof behind it to back it up.

This is a sample report from an E-Tunez analysis of a users dyno-tune. The user complained that the fuel mileage had dropped significantly and the car seemed off, popping between shifts amongst other symptoms since his tune. The initial Revision 1 revealed many faults.

Saturday, February 13, 2010 - Tune started at 9:02 am

Tuner: E-TUNEZ.sp
User: ©©©©©©©©©
Datalog Analysed: ©©©©©©©©©.fpdl 6119k
Tune Analysed: ©©©©©©©©©.fpcal

Modification List:

Skunk2 Header
Skunk2 70mm Catback
AEM V2 Cold Air Intake
Acura Rdx 410cc Inj.
Spoon Venturi Throttle Body

Tune Target Request:
Performance (Safety margin’s included).

V1 Initial Notes: (Bold is Actioned)

  1. Improvement Noted for Low Cam Angles (see old values @ LowCam.PNG)
  2. VTEC Window Noted at 5000-5200 modifications support lower.
  3. Rev Limit Recover (Reduced to 8550 – safety margin).
  4. Warmup Ignition Retard Disabled.
  5. S02 disabled due to Race Header.
  6. Throttle Table smoothed, sensitivity adjusted for larger TB. (see old table @ ThrotTab.PNG)
  7. Cam Angle.Low Breakpoints Noted (4000-4200-4500-5000) unsure of reason, VTEC was set to 5000, and no increased resolution at transfer point?
  8. VTEC Window Adjusted to 4500-6000 (Can go lower if desired)
  9. VTEC Window Pressures Adjusted to 0.85 BAR
  10. Cam Angle.Low Breakpoints Adjusted to Match ETUNEZ tuning method
  11. Cam Angle.Low Part Throttle Significant Adjustment (fuel economy), but left WOT values as per dyno tune.
  12. Cam Angle.Low VTEC engagement ramped to 50 degrees (smoother engagement, no TQ dip at crossover)
  13. Cam Angle.High Significant Adjustment to both Peak values and Return to 0 values (safety margins)
  14. Ignition.Low Restored Default Part Throttle Hondata Ignition as PT values were erratic. (Retained WOT Values).
    (NOTED ALL LOW CAM IGNITION VALUES WERE THE SAME AT ANY CAM DEGREE??, Re-adjusted according to typical flow differences.)
  15. Ignition.High Partial Restore below -4.3 PSI due to errors, restored to default Hondata Ignition (Left WOT Values as they appeared ideal as per dyno-tune)
    ----------------- FUELING
  16. Initial Notes Suspect Tuning was Done Cold (LARGE Neg. STFTS when warm) (see STFT.PNG)
  17. VE Tables show DIP at 0-500 RPM, changed (these values used in starting conditions)
  18. Fueling at Low VTEC changed to Match Fueling at High VTEC Engagement (Previously fueling dropped at engagement, see 42:24 and 43:26 in  ©©©©©©©©©.fpdl)
  19. Fueling is still not smooth in places, will need more logs to confirm, both WOT 3rd Low/Hi and part throttle Hi Vtec.

Tune Done @ 10:54am - Revision 1

Final Checks: (Bold is Actioned)

  1. Calibration Notes correct? - sp
  2. Injector Size correct? - sp
  3. Fuel Low High VE Tables correct? - sp
  4. Fuel Lambda -(Improvements can be made in Rev2, but no issue) - sp
  5. Ignition targets correct? - sp
  6. VTEC WIndows and Pressures correct? - sp
  7. Cam Angles Low&High correct? - sp
  8. Closed Loop (Noted STFT's were set to -15 + 10 maximums in dyno-tune, changed to -20 +20 due to STFT maxing out) - corrected - sp
  9. Knock Adjust correct? (Noted changes to index's and values) - sp
  10. Sensors calibrations correct? - sp
  11. Idle correct?  (noted was @ 850) - sp
  12. Throttle Table correct? - sp
  13. MISC settings correct? - Noted VSA was enabled, left enabled. - sp

Here are some before and after shots of this users tune, pay attention to the top DARK blue line which is the Short Term Fuel Trim, this is how hard the ECU has to work to correct for a bad tune, also pay attention to the top RED line on the two 3rd gear runs, this is the Air Fuel Ratio, the more stable it is, the better.

Before (WOT/Cruise):


After E-tunez Revision 1:





You can see from the above two screen shots much was improved after a few hours of data analysis and corrections. The user was very satisfied with the new tune. The best part was E-tunez kept the majority of the dyno-tune work so ensure the WOT performance was not lost in the re-tune, and concentrated on the errors in the tune and on part throttle improvement. This means this user does not require an additional WOT dyno tune, saving them money.