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I have a 07 Civic SI 23k on it
I have a K&N Typhoon SRI and a Tsudo Catback Exhaust
I just purchased FP and want to get a tune, I dont plan on taking it to the track just want the best performance for daily driving and some weekend fun.
What is the next step??? is best way to contact me

Thank you!!!!

E-Tunez Tuner
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Thanks for your interest in our services. We offer two different options for tuning your Si. The basic tune if performance focused, analyzing all details related to Wide Open Throttle (WOT) and the Ultimate Tune includes that but adds in a significant amount of part throttle (PT) calibration, designed to aid in part throttle torque and fuel mileage. For the best quality tune the Ultimate Tune is recommended.

Thanks again, if you have any questions hit us up at