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BV1's Factory DB9 Integra AWD

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Let me introduce you to my 1994 Integra ZXI AWD.

Factory options list:

SRS airbag system for driver's seat
3 channel digital control ABS (4-wheel anti-lock brake system)
Automatic air conditioning
2 speaker audio system
Power Steering
Power windows
Power Door Locks
Same color remote electric retractable door mirrors
Auto Antenna
Digital Quartz Watch
Rear wiper (with washer)
Muffler Cutter
High mount LED lamp
Rear mudguards
175/65R14 82H Steel radial tire 

Weight: 1180kg as measured.

Just picked it up, it took along time to find one in such impeccable shape, and almost 2.5 months worth of shipping time, but finally here it is!

Not planning anything for now, its simply too nice, too new. However... heres some interesting reading:

From: Yamaguchi, Jack. Drivetrain Advances. Automotive Engineering International. April 2006. 82

In 1990 an experimental vehicle was built with the first of Shibahta's super-handling AWD systems. Its dynamics were truly revealing. Ths system was incorporated in the large FSX concept sedan shown at the 1991 Tokyo Motor Show. Then the project was considered too ambitious from a business point of view and put on a shelf.

In 1994 an Integra coupe was modified to take the system, with extra punch provided by a highly tweaked DOHC 1.8-L engine boosted by a Lysholm positive-displacement supercharger. The car was phenomenal in its acceleraton and in dynamic behavior around Honda's Tochigi Proving Ground handling course. The project was still deemed too expensive for the small car, sporty as it was, so again it got shelved.


Doing some more looking into it, I found this:


"In 1994 honda built a G3 integra with the B18C1 engine, bolted on a supercharger (didnt say if this was a honda built S/c or otherwise)and developed an AWD system, the car was rated at 240bhp at 6800rpm. It had a four wheel drive system which used sensors to detect the amount of grip at each wheel and the awd ecu controlled the differential which doled out the power in necessary ratio front to back left to right. the car was driven by andrew frankel of autocar magazine at a test track in northern japan in 1994. He rated it above the escort cosworth, nissan sunny/pulsar GTiR and even better than the lancia delta integrale EVO. unfortunately only one was ever built, it was built to test out the AWD system, but honda engineers at the track that day all were of the belief that the car should have been put into production as the handling/performance was mind blowing. The author of the article reckoned that it was the best drifting car he had ever driven. He stated that he drove one of the lightweight NSX-R model straight afterwards and it felt slow witted and cumbersome even though the mid engined set up meant it was a better track car. the article unfortunately never stated times for 1/4 or 0-100 only to say that 0-60 was around 5.7 seconds, it also never stated why honda never put the car into production but i would guess that price was a deciding factor..pity really!! "


Still looking for a copy of that article, but longterm goals would be to atempt a similar recreation, perhaps using CRV parts (B or K). I believe it is very doable, as this Integra is essentially a proto-type CRV, the wheelbase is also the same (2620mm). Of course a K series would require alot of custom work involving engine mounts, transfer case, transmission etc, but imagine a supercharged K24, AWD, weighing in at around 2600-2700 lbs Smile


For now though, its not being touched, thanks for looking!



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Very nice! Wish we could get this over here Sad

- Dan

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Hey BV1,
Nice find on that DB9.  Hopefully you still have it after all the trouble of finding it.  Are you located in the US?  How much did this one cost and how much was shipping.  How hard is it to get registered?  I live in Southern California and wouldn't mind getting one.  I've got an old brochure with a bunch of the options those models had.  Some of the db6 sedans had power seats lol.  I like the rear wiper and sprayer on yours!  

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Wow,. Very cool. 7306km? That is quite the find. Cant wait to see what happens to her in the future.