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Rulo USSR-B (K24)

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First of I'd like to thank all my buds that helped out with this build: the crew for their help and support.  My "physical" shop RPMNYC for their time, space, experience, advice, and dealing with my manias and obsessions (thank you for bringing me on-board as your tuner).  Tommie for your constant pressure to get all my ish done in time and getting some clutch parts (the Derek Jeter of engine building).  Hogan for keeping me in check, and Tony for his wiring and electrical excellent.  Reza from for all parts.  On to the build:

1. K24a4
2. CP Pistons 12.5
3. Carillo Rods
4. GO-Power K24 Custom Header with 3" Collector "Medusa"
5. Portflow Head
6. Supertech flat valves
7. Toda Spec E Cams
8. TL TB
9. Injen "Black Mamba" Intake

On to the pictures!

1. Do you know what time it is? K24 time!

2. The Black Mamba!

3. TL Throttle Body

4. GO-Power "Medusa" Header

5. K24 Prep Work

6. Studly!!!

7. Pistons of Glory!

8. Billet Camshafts "The Good Stuffz"

9. Color matched pulleys, pa' que se quillen de nuevo!

10. My car has been pimped, Tramp STAMP!!!

11. RPMNYC - Custom RBC Cover with Carbon Fiber Insert

12. Ready to go, twenty fo'!

13. I'm goin' in!!!

14. Ready to go, flash that map Rulo!!!


15. Street-tuned, broken-in, and ready to dyno!

16. After 1.5 hours of dyno tuning: 284/205!  Safe, consistent, reliable power.

Thanks for looking!

Best regards,



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K20/K24 Maven
passion. dedication. tunation.

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great work Smile

kyle berg

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Looks good man. Did your motor come out from the top?

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That is very good!!!!!!!!!!!