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About Us

The E-Tunez Advantage

Q: Why is E-tunez so unique?

A: At E-tunez we do things a little different then most. We don’t have a large shop with a large fulltime staff to pay, or an expensive dyno and related investments to support, but we have great experience tuning cars just like yours, and you have access to all the datalogs we would need to setup a great tune for you. This mean we can bring you affordable tuning at great rates, because you have already made the necessary investment by purchasing a professional tuning solution, the very same one any other professional tuner will use to tune your car. We are here to connect you with an experienced tuner who not only drives the same vehicle you do, but can back up the tuning solution of your choice with the know how of making it run right.

We have been E-tuning since the name was invented and our tuners have been working with tuning solution developers since their product release date, in some cases before. All of our tuners own and drive the same vehicle they are tuning for and the experience they have gained for themselves over the years is made available to you.

We are enthusiasts as well, and our dedication reflects that. We offer services for free, like datalog review, and tuning suggestions. We believe there should be no secrets, we openly share our tuning techniques, and tell you what was done in a full textual report to you, and even if you don’t purchase a tune from us, we will still supply quality advice on how to resolve an issue or better your tune.

Some tuners would have you believe your engine is so complex that you simply can’t comprehend the tuning process so just “trust” it's done right. What if its not? Do they follow up on your tune down the road and will they re-tune for free? At E-tunez we know that “trust us” isn’t good enough, there needs to be more accountability. Don't you deserve to know whats being uploaded to YOUR ECU, and how those values were selected? If you have got this far, you most likely have a good understanding of the basics and we will share our solutions with you on a professional level. We don’t believe in keeping secrets and will keep things open. There are no secrets or hidden tunes, as we believe this goes against very nature of the internet on which E-tuning is based.

As E-tunez grows, with your support, so will the website and available technical information. We hope to make this website a resource for you and more then business. The reality is that quality takes time, and quality time is money. Many of our E-tuners have invested 100’s of hours free of charge diagnosing tunes and sharing information. When you purchase from E-tunez you allow the time they spend helping the community to provide an income at fair and reasonable rates. We make sure you get alot more TUNE for your money at E-tunez and we will ensure that your tune gets all the attention to detail and revision it needs to be near perfect, not just when your on the gas, but everything in between.