KTUNER V1 USER Board is released and available with new features!

Today our KTunerECU In-ECU hardware for RSX/Swaps/EP3, 03-07 Accord i4, Euro-R Accord CL7/CL9, TSX, and 05-06 Element gets a much anticipated refresh. Our revision 1 hardware includes:

  • All of the standard features of the revision 0 hardware.
  • On Board Logging 8MB (10-100Hz adjustable logging rates).
  • Direct Flex Fuel input with support for ethanol content and fuel temperature. See below for release details.
  • Four (4) Analog inputs for 0-5v sensor signals.
  • Two (2) Speed inputs for VR and HALL sensors. Currently for monitoring only, this will lead to a free update with built-in traction control!
  • A peripheral port for bluetooth, LCD displays, and future add-ons. The bluetooth add-on makes this system compatible with the TunerView Android app. iOS is in the pipeline for a future release.

The RSX/EP3/Swap platform will be the first to receive access to flex fuel support. All other In-ECU platforms will receive updates to add this feature-set soon.

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