The process of datalogging on the Ktuner. For the Ktuner V1.2.

Install the TunerView software on a mobile device and have that mobile phone device paired to your Ktuner.

Using the TunerView app connected to your Ktuner with the car running, scroll down and there will be an indicator for Ktuner Menu. Go ahead and click that.

When the menu is up there will be the option to Start Onboard datalogging.

That’s the option you would be looking for, when starting to record the datalog ensure the car is fully warmed up, and your tuner may ask for different types of running conditions for the car depending on what they are working on.

When the necessary information has been captured go ahead and press Stop Onboard Datalogging and this will save the datalog to the Ktuner Device.

That should be the way to datalog onto the Ktuner.