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At E-tunez we do things a little different then most, we don’t just want you to be satisfied, when we are we want you to leave here saying, that was terrific service, commitment and pricing! We want you to have a great experience engine tuning, just like the customers on our reviews page, and eventually we want you to consider making as your one stop shop for everything related to getting your car to run “just right”. This means bring you affordable tuning at great rates, with quality service and support. We are here to connect you with an experienced tuner who not only drives the same vehicle you do, but can back up the tuning solution of your choice with the know how of making it run right!

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Testimonials & Reviews

Thank you for all your answers.🙏🏼

I want you to know that you are nothing less than my absolute reference when it comes to tuning. You tuned my 2007 Civic Si with i/h/e/flashpro years ago and even at 525,000 miles, it still ran perfectly.

Erol (Flashpro 8thgen I/H/E) - July 2024

Great experience, night and day difference with the Performance tune! The mileage tune is smooth and has  good power as well.  WAY better than the tunes that come with your Ktuner for sure!  Richard is polite, professional and knowledgeable and walked me through things when needed. I highly recommend E Tunez! She drives and feels amazing! Glad I went with E Tunez. Will be back if/when there’s any more mods!

Greg (2012 Accord J35Z2, on Ktuner) - June 2024

Working with Richard @ Etunez was a breeze. Revisions were sent back in a timely manner, my tune was finished in just over a week. Every revision felt different than the last, more power, driveability and increased gas mileage. The tune feels very well put together, no hiccups, the throttle response is spot on, no knocks, AFRS are perfect and stable. I was hesitant at first of an Etune, but after reading into Etunez history and experience, and reading into the people at Etunez, I was left assured that the tune is in good hands. Definitely will return for retune once more upgrades are made. Thank you Richard for applying your time and knowledge to this tune.

Zimran (8thgen Si on FlashPro) May, 2024

Thank you so much again Richard for all your help. The car sounded and drove smooth as a kitten throughout all these events. I will recommend you guys to anyone interested in an E-Tune and will certainly come back if I install any new performance mods. Happy to share some photos… You guys are awesome.

Gordon (Honda S2000 on FlashPro - May, 2024)
Hey John, Car is feeling awesome, thanks for everything. Here is my 7th datalog.
Car is much more fun to drive than it was stock, and im looking forward to continuing this build. looking to get coilovers next, then get into the motor hopefully sooner than later.. will need you again when that happens.
Thanks a lot,
Ryan (2010 Civic Si K20Z3 FlashPro) - Monday, March 2024

Hey Dan,

I just want to say Thank You for making this experience so easy and enjoyable. It feels good to know that I had a professional working on my car. The differences are night and day. Our tuning sessions are far from the end. Because I can’t stay away from the burbles, I plan on purchasing a Show Tune/Burble Tune from you guys very soon so I hope you will be the one to help me work on that as well. For now, Thank you again and I wish the best for you and the crew!

Charlie S. ‘07 Acura TL tuned on FlashPro by Dan

The E-tunez Advantage

We have been E-tuning since the name was invented and our tuners have been working with tuning solution developers since their product release date, in some cases before. All of our tuners own and drive the same vehicle they are tuning for and the experience they have gained for themselves over the years is made available to you.

We are enthusiasts as well, and our dedication reflects that. We offer services for free, like datalog review, and tuning suggestions. We believe there should be no secrets, we openly share our tuning techniques, and tell you what was done in a full textual report to you, and even if you don’t purchase a tune from us, we will still supply quality advice on how to resolve an issue or better your tune.

Some tuners would have you believe your engine is so complex that you simply can’t comprehend the tuning process so just “trust” it’s done right. What if its not? Do they follow up on your tune down the road and will they re-tune for free?

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