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At E-tunez we do things a little different then most, we don’t just want you to be satisfied, when we are we want you to leave here saying, that was terrific service, commitment and pricing! We want you to have a great experience engine tuning, just like the customer son our reviews page, and eventually we want you to consider making as your one stop shop for everything related to getting your car to run “just right”. This means bring you affordable tuning at great rates, with quality service and support. We are here to connect you with an experienced tuner who not only drives the same vehicle you do, but can back up the tuning solution of your choice with the know how of making it run right!

Testimonials & Reviews

Thank you guys! This is my first time getting a car tuned and it definitely was an easy process. You guys provided clear and simple instructions and also provided me with a great time with clear HP gains. I’m definitely gonna be contacting in the near future for more tunes as I plan on starting my plan to add a turbo to the car. Thank you guys once again for all your help!

(Augest 2021 2014 Honda Civic K24 FLashpro NA)

Hey Steve,

Great job on the 3d revision of the tune. I took the car out to the track event and everything went smoothly. The AFR’S were stable at around 12.8-13.1 in high rpm’s and the throttle was very responsive, I have no complaints 👍👍 Honestly, I’m very happy I choseE-tunez over a dyno tune. As far as the rough idle, it ended up being due to a failing coil pack like you mentioned. The idle is now much better.


Kristian (September 2021, K20Z3 on FlashPro)

Getting my car tuned with E Tunez has been an amazing experience,  when we started I didn’t even know how to open a tune. Dan at E Tunez was very patient and explained the process with great detail. The customer service is unreal , great response times and very detailed. I would highly recommend if it’s your first time dealing with online tuning. The tune overall was amazing, my car feels like it’s on steroids lol you can really feel the difference in torque and response time. My car just feels like a completely different beast. Dealing with E Tunez has been the best learning experience iv had, really woke me up to the potential K series motors have. Couldn’t be happier overall, amazing service . Thank you guys

Luis Rodriguez (April, 2013 Civic SI on Ktuner)

I want to start by saying Steve has been an absolute pleasure to work with! He helped tuned my 2015 Honda Civic Si and everything came out amazing. He has been extremely responsive and truly caring working on my tune. Would highly recommend anyone looking for a reliable and hard working tuner to come to E-Tunez. Worth every penny I spent, Thanks for an amazing experience, looking forward to working with you guys again!

Monorith (July 2021, K24z7 on FlashPro)

The E-tunez Advantage

We have been E-tuning since the name was invented and our tuners have been working with tuning solution developers since their product release date, in some cases before. All of our tuners own and drive the same vehicle they are tuning for and the experience they have gained for themselves over the years is made available to you.

We are enthusiasts as well, and our dedication reflects that. We offer services for free, like datalog review, and tuning suggestions. We believe there should be no secrets, we openly share our tuning techniques, and tell you what was done in a full textual report to you, and even if you don’t purchase a tune from us, we will still supply quality advice on how to resolve an issue or better your tune.

Some tuners would have you believe your engine is so complex that you simply can’t comprehend the tuning process so just “trust” it’s done right. What if its not? Do they follow up on your tune down the road and will they re-tune for free?

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