The below links and troubleshooting materials are commonly used and referenced by us and our customers. Right now it is just a collection of information we don’t want to lose, so we are hosting it. If you come across some invaluable troubleshooting images/pdfs or files in your journeys please let use know @ and we will host them here as a backup. Thanks!

Kpro Help

Braking System Specifications

Ignition timing issues for blocks with different heads (LS VTEC)

How to install Remote PC Attended

How to Upload an E-tune to FlashPro and Flash an ECU

How to Datalog with FlashPro

FlashPro ECU Connectors & Pins

How to Datalog with Ktuner

S2000 EGRL Output

8th Gen ECU Pinouts

AEM UEGO Sensor Information

AEM UEGO Sensor Information pdf

Hondata Flashpro ECU connectors & pins

Logging Speed Setup

Ethanol Mixture Calculations

AEMPro User Guide V2

How to E-Dyno

Factory Manuals and Information for Hondas:

Factory Service Manual Information (paid site):

Factory Service Manual Information Snippets (free site):

Service Manual for 8thgen Si’s/CSX’s:

Acura CSX 06-09 FD5 K20Z2 K20Z3 Manual

Hondata S300 ECU Pinout Info