Looking for some technical assistance and/or log analysis on your project? We have a very affordable Diagnostics package below to provide information like the below, on any build (even ones not listed in our vehicle section).

Looking for some DIY information? The below links and troubleshooting materials are commonly used and referenced by us and our customers. Right now it is just a collection of information we don’t want to lose, so we are hosting it. If you come across some invaluable troubleshooting images/pdfs or files in your journeys please let use know @ info@e-tunez.com and we will host them here as a backup. Thanks!

Kpro Help

Braking System Specifications

Ignition timing issues for blocks with different heads (LS VTEC)

How to install Remote PC Attended

How to Upload an E-tune to FlashPro and Flash an ECU

How to Datalog with FlashPro

FlashPro ECU Connectors & Pins

How to Datalog with Ktuner

S2000 EGRL Output

8th Gen ECU Pinouts

AEM UEGO Sensor Information

AEM UEGO Sensor Information pdf

Hondata Flashpro ECU connectors & pins

Logging Speed Setup

Ethanol Mixture Calculations

AEMPro User Guide V2

How to E-Dyno

Factory Manuals and Information for Hondas:


Factory Service Manual Information (paid site):


Factory Service Manual Information Snippets (free site):


Other online sources:

Acura CSX 06-09 FD5 K20Z2 K20Z3 Manual

Hondata S300 ECU Pinout Info