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Our goal is your satisfaction, have feedback? Good or bad we want to hear from you, email us at with subject “Feedback”. Thank you! I don’t always get time to update the feedback section, so I apologize if I missed any, please send it my way and will post. 

EDIT: A huge thank you guys for all your feedback. The key to a successful build isn’t just in the final hardware/software you end up running, its also in the journey with people you get to work with along the way there. A huge thanks to everyone, you have been great to work with! I always enjoy our communication, whether its good, or even if there are questions or concerns. Stay in touch! 


Steve did an amazing job with my FN2. He is quick, mathematical and a genius tuner. He turned my car into a beast and I’ll be coming back as soon as I upgrade more on my setup. Driving has gone from fun to ******* amazing thanks to “The Steve”!

–Erik S, FN 2008, Sweden (Dec 2020)


A huge thanks to the etunez team! Especially Dan!! I had an awesome experience working with him. He truly is a great tuner, his knowledge, dedication, and patience, combined with his passion for perfection shows is all that he does! Dan gave my K20 lots of love!! As far as I’m concerned, he went above and Beyond. Even though my car is a pretty mild daily driver, I was extremely impressed at how dedicated Dan was throughout the entire process, truly a genuine, extremely knowledgeable, helpful and humble dude! He never exhibited any of that “I’m God’s gift to tuning” type of arrogance, or the infamous “I don’t tune KTuner” that other so called tuners live by. I can honestly say, from start to finish, an awesome experience. Dan is the man!! My car is running like a champ!! I took a look at etunez, read online reviews, pros and cons of etuning etc.. Before I purchased an etunez tuning package. I knew then I made the right choice, passion, knowledge and great service will always separate you from the rest, Dan demonstrated this to me throughout the tuning process! You need not look elsewhere.. Etunez is where it’s at!!! Thanks again Dan!

–Tatrik (Nov 2020, 2006 Acura Type S on KTuner)


Honestly, this was my first time ever getting my car tuned and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had heard great things about etunez and decided to give it a shot.  I have been extremely impressed with both the communication as well as the performance my car has gotten out of their tune.  I know several people reading this may think that driving around on your base tune might be fine, but seriously, don’t risk it.  It’ll make your car run, sure, but who knows how off your air/fuel mixtures could be, or if you’ve got serious knock issues.  Either way, I will happily recommend Etunez to anyone interested. (Especially if you did a K-swap like I did.  This thing rips.)

Grant K (Nov 2020, 1995 Civic w/K24 Swap on Kpro)

I own a 2014 civic si with Sri and rv6 downpipe. Bolt ons alone will make it run ragged. That’s where I discovered e-tunez. Dan is very knowledgable and seem to answer all my questions. The car is night and day from where it was, throttle response will snap your head back and it runs so much stronger, smoother, and better gas mileage. Professional tuning company. Made the process simple, friendly and easy. Thanks Dan,  holler at you when a throw on that Kraft works supercharger. 

–Timothy N (Oct 2020)

The car is running fantastic, I’m enjoying the low end torque that I didn’t feel on the basemap. Hesitation is very minimal, mostly from driver input. I’m glad to have found you guys. I really appreciate you helping on my tune and I will definitely use you and/or your company in the future for additional modifications added to my vehicle. 

I look forward to working with you in the future. But for now, thank you for your service and dedication!

Kind regards,

Saikham X (Oct 2020)


I would just like to start off with saying thanks to Steve for the amazing work (tuning) he did on my fully built k20 em2. Steve’s explanation on what he needed to start with the tuning was amazing and start forward. Each revision he had done that same day which was awesome so I could power through more logs before the upcoming race weekend. He turned this car from a beast into an absolute monster on the street. With less then 7 revisions the car ran and still runs absolutely perfect. Thanks again Steve for all the he’ll and kind words throughout the last year and come spring time I will be getting you to etune my 15’ Civic is as well and RSX that I’ll be swapping the built k20 over to this winter. Again thanks again man for all your help through all this!!

–Jameison Z (Sept 2020)


Hi Steve,

Thank you so much for all the work dialing in my tune. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind the SI feels and drives better than it ever has. Very glad all then numbers and threshold look good on your end, the car definitely feels like it. It is an absolute blast to drive, and pulls harder than it ever has. I also would like to thank you for your patience. Not once did I feel like I HAD to get a datalog  to you, it was a big relief for me. Sometimes it took a week for me to get you a log, but I have a toddler, so on and so forth. I had never considered modding my SI until I read reviews and hear by word of mouth (8th gen groups) about your tuning. This had me look deeper into your services at E-tunes. I am VERY glad I did. The whole time we worked together I was confident my car was being tuned and evaluated by someone who was very knowledgeable, professional, and that wanted the best out of my car and mods, just as I would. Again, thank you for everything. I look forward to the next time we get to tune the car. 

Thanks for Everything!

–William H(Sept 2020)

Shaba also requested this review be left:

My E-Tune with Steve has been nothing but success. I would recommend their E-tune solution to anyone looking to get the best performance possible out of their vehicle while having that peace of mind when it comes to reliability.

From the beginning I have been impressed with Steve’s Knowledge within my 8th gen civic SI. I had an issue with my defouler that he was able to see on his end and after some back and forth with my Mechanic Shop I was able to get that issue resolved. Tuning session revisions began and man oh man what a difference the car performed better and better and Steve’s knowledge of the ins and outs of the AFR’s and Ignition timing, Stft Trims all that technical stuff is profound.

Thank you sooo much Steve for the amazing job you did with my Etune. I’ve already been in love with my car but never thought i’d be able to fall back in love with it like I have now.

–Shaba (Aug 2020)


So I thought it couldn’t get any better but boy was I wrong..Definitely noticed improved response, most or all the hesitation is gone…The car is soo much more refined…lowend and high end power has definitely increased….This really feels amazing…i’m not sure what else is there to do i’m very happy with the gains and the way the car feels sooo refined now. datalog 06 i did some normal driving around for 20-30 min with 1 or 2 pulls to redline…and datalog 07 i focused only on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gear to redline pulls…

Thanks a lot Steve…

–Shaba (Aug 2020)

Hey Steve! Remember me? I just wanted you to know, I took my car down to Florida to get it dyno tuned by Johnny Adams, number 2 ranked hondata tuner in the country, and he said what you did for me was on point! He said if I wanted to try to blow this engine up with your conservative tune that I couldn’t even if I tried! LOL he said he would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone. Comming from him that’s saying a lot sir! So thank you for what you did for me. God bless you. Btw, the car was making 328 Hp and 245 TQ at 7750 rpm. Johnny is doing a little less conservative tune to get a little more but just wanted you to know, you certainly know what your doing! 🙂 MY MAN!
–Adam D (July 2020)

Hello, thank you very much Steve for your great work and patience with me, I really feel very grateful and happy with the result obtained in this process, hoping that you continue with your excellent work and prompt response thanks to you, I feel my car and daily driving very different if it is You can put this comment on the website or tell me how to do it because it really is a very good job.

Hoping that this well and of course that I write anything to you even to say hello. 🙂

Mario D (July 2020)


Hola a todos quiero dejar este feedback en espanol por que al igual que yo se que abemos muchos hispanos buscando un servisio como el de e-tunez….. quiero darle las gracias a steve el a hecho un excelente trabajo en mi civic con tansolo 2 o 3 revisiones mi carro a mejorado muchisimo a un nivel que no pense llegar y todavia falta aun mas. e-tunez y su equipo es la mejor opcion para tunear tu carro es super facil rapido y a un precio super comodo y los recomiendo 100% gracias e-tunez

Hello everyone, I want to leave this feedback in Spanish because, like me, we know that many Hispanics are looking for a service like e-tunisia … I want to thank Steve for doing an excellent job in my civic with tansolo 2 or 3 revisions my car has improved a lot to a level that I did not plan to reach and is still missing even more. e-tunez and its team is the best option to tune your car it is super easy fast and at a super comfortable price and I recommend them 100% thanks e-tunez

–Joshua Mejias (July 2020)


Hi Steve, The car was driving BETTER than the trims/AFRs and ignition suggest! The car pulls much BETTER than the datalog! Your calibration makes the car and the driver mesh into one as if the car can read the driver’s mind. I would say my car now has “soul”! It’s alive!

–Arnoldo D (June 2020)


hey man i really appreciate it like i never knew my car could even feel this good. i would 100000% recommend you to anyone i know. amazing customer service. we knocked out 3 revisions in one day. absolutely amazing. i thank you for all your hard work. well worth 220$. once again thank you so much for everything

–Khy (June 2020)



Steve was extremely helpful and responsive during this whole process. I was soo happy with my tune and service, I even purchased an add on to the ultimate tune for future modifications. 2007 honda civic si, hybrid cai, j37 throttle body, alpha headers, mega power rr exhaust.

Thanks again,

–Henry A (May 2020)


Thank you very much Steve!! This entire process has been wonderful and exactly the service I was after. I truly appreciate the effort you put into making sure my tune is perfect! I will for sure be in touch for all my future tuning needs!! Until then, Thanks again, and keep doing amazing work! 

–Kyle H (June 2020)



Tune feels amazing. I had heard of E-tunez all over youtube and the forums, but that did not do it justice. Hope you are you are staying safe with all the stuff going on. Hopefully I will be contacting you in a few months if everything goes as planned. 

Thanks for all the hard work,

Paul  R (May 2020)



The car feels awesome.  Thank you once again for your excellent work.  I did a wot pull in 3rd gear and loaded it to virtual dyno.  I have an attached pic of the results and I couldn’t be happier.

Beat of luck to you as well.

Andrew M FlashPro (K24K20H w/Dyno)


I just want to say thank you to Steve at etunez for all the great work on the custom tune for my 2008 civic si. I started out with a basemap request then the advanced upgrade I let Steve know this was my first time doing a etune but he reassured me I was good hands and I was. From start to finish and each revision he explained clearly what was being done. Explained were power is being found, the trims, Pt, WOT, etc.. every little detail he let me know. I’ll be back In the future when I need retunes thanks again the car runs like a champion. 

Daniel D (Apr 20)


Getting my car tuned by Steve was definitely one of the best things I have ever done to my car even though it’s stock. The car definitely has more power all throughout the powerband and power delivery is so much smoother. It pulls much harder than it did before all the way to redline and the moment you barely put your foot on the gas the car feels so much more eager to go. It took seven revisions for me to finish, and while I was 95% satisfied after revision six, I wanted my car to rev to 7500 rpms and I wanted to see if rev hang could be decreased any further. Steve was more than happy to help and increased the redline to where I wanted. And in terms of the rev hang he explained that he couldn’t decrease it any further, but went ahead and gave me the throttle map to the JDM civic type r (I’d imagine the fk2 type r). Rev hang was further decreased and throttle response was even sharper than before. Overall I could not be happier with the results and highly recommend if anyone plans on modifying their car this should be their first one, getting flashpro and getting a custom tune by e-tunez. It’s been proven many times before that getting a tune while being completely stock (like me) will benefit you more, give you more horsepower, give you better gas mileage, and make you faster than adding bolt on’s without a tune. AND, there are other added benefits of getting flashpro like getting launch control. Best first mod ever and will recommend anyone and everyone to e-tunez!

–Jermikhael T. (2013 Honda Civic Si) February 2020


Dude wtf you are a genius!!!! how the hell did you know what was exactly wrong with it lol I removed the iacv and it is indeed sticking. I already freed it up will be re installing later and sending you new logs. Thanx steve!!! 

On Thu, Mar 5, 2020, 3:53 AM E-Tunez <> wrote:

Hi Jonathan,

Good work on the logs, things are really centering nicely, looking much better. Now that its alot cleaner I can see there is a vacuum leak here. Its imitated by the aggressive cams meaning the symptoms are not that bad, but the ignition is fully pegged at -2 degrees at idle. Is the IACV in use? I have seen this behaviour when they get sticky, it could however be a genuine leak. Do you mind taking a look?

Thanks Jonathan,


Jonathan G (Mar 2020)



I wanted to give a review because I have never been more impressed and inspired to ever want to do e-tuning until I had my tuner, Dan. 

I thought e-tuning would be doing the datalog, sending it in and getting a new tune to do another datalog and tune. But not with Dan. I have always had an interest in tuning, but never really knew much about it. Then I came across my tuner, Dan and I was in for a treat. He didn’t just do my tune. He went way above and beyond every time. One thing about me is that I hate when I don’t know something and somebody does it without explaining what they did. For example, I work in IT and I always do things and then explain it to them what I did because if they have that issue again, they would know what to do. That’s where I am so thankful for Dan. Every time I had a question about now knowing something, what something did, or why he did this. He didn’t just tell me, he went out of his way to explain it in detail and tell me why he did it. I am beyond grateful for his expertise and guidance throughout the journey. We had 10 revisions and one after the other, I kept seeing it increase in performance and how amazingly different it could be. 

All I can say is if you are looking for a tuner that does the tune and that’s it? That’s okay. However, if you want a tuner that will go out of his way and give you the best tuning experience you could possibly have from an e-tune? Dan is an outright choice for you! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dan!!! 100% recommend and will always keep that till this day for his expertise and his patience to help you learn to tune and give you an amazing tune for your car.

-Malachi G ( Feb 2020)


Steve from EZ TUNEZ is amazing, he got my 2011 honda accord v6-6 running so strong, I have a intake,pcd,jpipe with 3rd cat delete. He’s tuning made a huge difference not only in topend power just normal city driving too. Tuning these Honda’s is a must and I highly recommend Steve!

Peter N(Jan 2020)

Hello everyone!
My name is Tommy and I have a 2015 Honda Civic Si, Dyno Blue Pearl. K24z7, 6-speed close ratio.Engine is mostly stock, PERFORMANCE mods are as follows:
Weapon R secret weapon intake, secondary cat delete, resonator delete, muffler delete, 2.5″ custom mandel bent exhaust from where stock resonator began, running Rec90(0% ethanol) fuel….
Had an amazing experence here at E-Tunez throughout the entire tuning process…..I purchased the ultimate k24 tune, the premium package, and the second map package, along with my hondata.
Great service got my Hondata in like two days and I would say within a week, because i consistently provided everything requested and plenty of logs, I was pretty much fully tuned.
Got all my requests fulfilled everything from some shift pop, to crackle tuned, to a 5k 2-step, rev limiter lifted just slightly to 7500 and recover set teh same so it sounds very agressive.
Absolutely love the tune and had a wonderful process!!
Thanks again!!! Tommy.
Thomas S (Nov 26 2019)
Hi Steve,
Thank you for your patience and advice during the last 14 months. 
I could not be more satisfied with the value and quality of the service you provide. That is high praise indeed!
Thanks Steve
Dan W (Sept 19)

Basically, I was referred by one of my close friend. I am new to E-tune and never trust the process. So before I bought all my FBO for my 9th gen civic si, I tried my luck and emailed Steve with alot of question. Surprisingly, he replied back to me the next day, answering each question in full detail when I didnt even buy his service yet. That’s when I know, Steve is the guy I can trust to tune me car. We was emailing back n forth for a month before I bought the tune from him. As of today, I am more than satisifed with Steve work, knowledge and his Service. My car is running way better than I expected. It drive so much faster and smoother than before! He work late night to guaranteed me a new revision each day/night. If you guys are new to E-Tune and not sure if you trust the process like me? I can say, you can trust Steve 100%. Again, Thank you so much for your time and effort you put into my car! 🙂  

-Philip W. (Ktuner 9thGen Civic Si) Aug 2019


Steve and the folks at E-Tunez have been great to me and my 2013 SI!  I’ve tuned with them twice now. The 1st tune was for my Acuity Curl Control CAI and Cat Back exhaust. The tuning process is actually pretty fun. Taking data logs and sending them to E-Tunez was easy if you’re decent with file compression and emails. My tune took 7 revisions to make it perfect!  No issues! My second experience came when I upgraded to FlexFuel. Because of the larger injectors, we kinda had to start over to get the Air Fuel Ratio right with the injectors. Once we did, the Flexfuel tune was quick and painless!  I run on corn now ?!  

I consider the team here my General Practitioners for my car. Professional and fun. 

Dominic T. (2013 Civic Si FlashPro) Aug 2019


My car feels night and day difference when i got the tune.. as far as my mod (i/h/e/injectors) the engine really likes the tune. No knocks like before (because of the Hybrid racing CAI). I feel the car has so much power than just having a basemap or without having any tune at all. 

For the service, Steve and Dan is really helpful, before i got my tune i talked to Dan for quite sometime about what i need and how fast and how hard to get tune and stuff. He answered all my question fast. I know you guys reply typically 1-2 days but there is no message that i got a reply in 1 day. Always 1 day message!

For Steve, man, hands down the best guy I talked to regarding my build and mods. He tune the car really good and fast. Guided me on what i am doing and what should i do for the best result. Answered all my questions about the tune and what not.. 

Overall, very happy and satisfied with the tune i got, I recommend E-tunes to everybody that wants to get an etune. Ofcourse, this wont be the last time im going to talk to you guys. My on going project will be with you guys. 

Until then, Thank you very much for the help and support!

Jeon S. (8thGen Flashpro) July 2019


Hey Steve, Just wanted to let you know the car is running great. I think it’s pretty impressive for an automatic k24z3 on NA. The tune really turns it into a different car. It’s by no means fast in an absolute sense, but in comparison to where it started it’s a huge difference. 0-60 time is about 1.5-2 seconds faster with everything. The bolt ons and tune are a great compliment to the konis, eibachs, and huge rear sway bar. I’ll see if I can get on a dyno sometime. Oh, and fuel economy is on par with stock. Thanks again.

Bill S. (2009 TSX AT FlashPro) June 2019


Steve, thank you so much, I couldn’t be happier with how this whole tuning process went. I know this is not the end, because I will definitely be using you when I add the race header, and will recommend you to anyone willing to listen. I had read countless things on the civic forums, raving about your work, and you didn’t disappoint. Keep up the good work man!

Matthew M. (2015 Civic K24 FlashPro) May 2019


I’ve just completed an ultimate e-tune with Steve and my only regret is not doing it sooner! My FN2 Type R (full induction / exhaust mods) was ‘dyno tuned’ two years ago and to begin with, I was pleased with the results over stock. However, what I failed to realise until working with Steve was that my original calibration was far from optimal; the datalogs revealed large (+/- 40%) fuel trims and a lot of resulting hesitation and jerkiness on part throttle and WOT transition. Fuel economy was also pretty poor in comparison.

After three weeks of tuning, Steve transformed the car beyond what I thought was possible; he has really exceeded my expectations. There is more power. There is more urgency, crisp throttle response and super smooth VTEC engagement. Part throttle driving is now a joy (no more kangarooing) and the stutter I used to have shifting between 2nd / 3rd on WOT is no more. A further bonus is that Fuel economy has improved by 25%! This is how the car should have been from day one.

Steve’s communication and response times were exceptional. He answered all my questions and was always prepared to share his knowledge and explanations for all changes made along the way. His attention to detail and patience made the whole experience very worthwhile and by far this is the best modification I’ve made to the car. I will certainly be using etunez again and would highly recommend their services.

All the best!

Steve T. (2009 Civic FN2 Euro K20 FlashPro) May 2019


Thank you Steve! The power feels great from down low to up top. This was my first turbo build and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Amazing job on the tune, thank you again for your time and effort.

–Blake A. (2012 Civic R18 Turbo) April 2019


Thanks for all the help Steve. its exactly why I choose to have you e tune my car. your customer service and feedback is at the top man. more then happy. keep up the good work, tune on!

–Brandon B. (2009 TSX MT NA K24 FlashPro) April 2019


Working with Steve at E-Tunez was great. He listened to all my questions and concerns and resolved any issues I may have had with each revision. I can honestly say that my car runs better than when I had my car dynoed in person. I highly recommend this e-tuning service for anyone interested!

Christoph C. (2013 Accord NA J35 Flashpro) April 2019


Steve has worked on my car twice.  I bought an 04 civic si with a bunch of mods and a tune that was for a completely different engine and I cobbled together a tune that ran decent for a while.  Steve made the car run like a dream.  It started out as a vtek killer k20a with full mods and he built a completely custom map for my needs that ran amazing.  Shortly after, i decided to turbo the car and got back with him for a tune. He put in alot of time and effort and the end result is a great running machine with perfect drivability and power.  It’s as easy to drive as if it would have been a factory install.  I’m extremely pleased with the process and the result. Thank you!

Chris T. (K20A3 Custom VTEC Killer Turbo KRPO) April 2019


This has been the least painful and most satisfying experience I’ve ever had tuning! Great customer service and excellent turn around for revisions. Worked through the weekend and delivered perfect tunes every time. My car is a completely different car now ! I’ll never use anyone else to tune my vehicles. Hands down the best ! Thanks Steve!!

Tyler B. (2013 Civic NA FlashPro) April 2019


Thanks you Steve for the tune. My car feels very much alive. Feel no rev hang. Punching the gas pedal it just goes. Acceleration & response is very much different. Looking forward to supercharge in the future. Looking forward for you to tune it. Loving all the hard work I’ve done to my little R18. I would never thought of a tune would make such a difference. Loving my car even more. And again, thank you Steve for the tune. 🙂 –Nhia T. (2008 Civic R18 FlashPro) April 2019


Steve was absolutely amazing to work with…. He was always willing to answer any questions I had…. My 07 Acura TL-S has great response and torque in lower rpm, WOT is so much better than it was stock.  It was really awesome working with you guys! I would definitely recommend using e-tunez to anyone… My car runs better than it ever has before!

–Dylan M (2010 Civic Si NA FlashPro)


I purchased the Ultimate Tuning Package with the intentions of having my car run a bit better and maybe gain a bit of power from the full bolt ons. I cant believe the night and day difference after just the first revision. By the 3rd or 4th the car ran perfectly but Steve made it even better by the 6th and final one. My expectations are absolutely blown away by the fast response time and knowledge I was provided for my questions and concerns. If anyone is on the fence about getting an etune done dont hesitate! Just do it! Its worth every bit of what you pay and then some. Steve is the man!

Brandon B. (2007 CIvic Si NA FlashPro) Mar 2019


Thanks for the awesome experience, this was actually an exciting journey and alot of things were uncovered that I had been sitting with for a very long time. The car feels fantastic, I checked highway consumption this morning on my way to work, and she averaged 6.6L/100km which is about 35mpg. Much better all round car to drive, and has a perfect balance for a daily car with additional power under the throttle.

Bevan A (2006 Accord Type S FLASHPRO) Mar 2019


Steve, thank you so much for everything. You have been the absolute best. You helped me out a lot with this process and i couldn’t be more grateful. Definitely recommending everyone to you. you made my car into a monster and all of my friends are super impressed by your tuning skills. You really made the whole process so simple. So THANK YOU again. i cant wait to come back to you when i turbo my car.  Continue doing great things,

Daniel B. (2013 Honda Civic Si) Feb 2019
Just wanted to say than you for all your work, it has truly been a pleasure working with you these past few weeks. You’ve been very helpful and were very quick on the responses, and when sending new revisions. You perfected the car and its truly running better than it ever has, I really do appreciate it. 

-Josh P.(2008 Civic Si) Feb 2019
Car feels great especially up top, couldnt be happier. Once I get this sc put on in a few months, I will definitely come back. Thanks for your time and efforts throughout, will definitely recommend!

Haven H (2008 Civic Si) Jan 2019
I’m extremely pleased with the car. Its so fast!! The car is driving great and I cant believe it only took one week. Thank you so much!

Adam S. (2013 Civic Si)  Jan 2019
Throughout the tuning process, Steve made me feel comfortable and confident with the changes he was making to my car’s calibration. I threw a couple curveballs at him during the calibration such as swapping intakes, etc and he worked hard at making sure my car was performing the best it could while keeping it safe. I had no doughts throughout the whole process that my car would end up being perfect, and it was. I will have no problem going back to Steve in the future with any changes I may make to my car. Thanks for being so quick to respond and stuff! I plan on getting a better intake within a couple months and I am probaly planning on going supercharger eventually, and will gladly be working with you for those. Thanks again, you run a very professional service! Car runs great. Way more peace of mind knowing its not on a basemap.

Kevin G. (2009  Civic Si ) Jan 2019
It amazed me that I could do all the modifications at once, flash the ECU with the base tune that was sent to me, and the car started up and drove me home anyway like I did nothing to it. Turnaround times for new revisions were great, waiting only roughly 24hours between sending them a log and receiving a new tune, sometimes even on weekends. Not once was I given a tune that left me stranded. I fully support these guys, and especially Steve, for the ease of tuning. Thanks so much!

Shane C. (2011 Acura RDX AWD)  Jan 2019
PT definitely feels great, especially A/F ratio is a solid 14.5-14.7 up until second crossover at 5800rmp. WOT is 12.9-13.2, feels more powerful for sure! Also the jerking part cleared up, car feels much more smoother now with 0 knock, thanks!

Stephen F. (GERB Productions – 8theGen) Jan 2019
From my experience, the tune has definitely exceeded my expection for a stock no bolt-on providing better drivability, greatly decreased rev-hang, a clear bump in power throughout the powerband and btech crossover that can be felt. The car really should have come from the factory this way. The prompt and comprehensive response to my questions and quick tune revision turn around was greatly appreciated as well!!

Ben J. (2012 Civic Si) Dec 2018
I honestly couldnt be happier, for the amount of money you’re spending on an E-Tune compared to a dyno tune I wouldnt even bother going with the dyno just based off of the results I have received with Steve. I greatly appreciate the way he runs the website and his customer service is #1 and he will put you first over anything. I have driven other cte supercharged civics with basically the same setup and none of them drive as easy and smooth as mine does. I cant wait to add more upgrades to make the car faster and will for sure be using Steve’s services once again.Joe K. (2015 Civic Si K24) Nov 2018
I appreciate the communication regarding changes to the tune. Car feels 100x better than stock! Honestly, this experience was so much better than my previous e-tune which took months and never finished. I can’t wait to actually dyno to see what the car is pushing (finding a stretch of a flat road is a challenge where I live but thats a given in the city’s name, Canyon Country) The car feels strong and i’m looking forward to using your service again in the future. Thank you so much!

Josh B. (2015 Civic Si K24) Nov 2018
The tuning process was a breeze, all I can say is trust the process and make sure to communicate anything you need because Steve will always help even if its not directly tune related. My 2012 SI drives like a dream after installing several bolt on mods, the car felt just off, almost made me worry I made the wrong purchases. Fast after a month of tuning logs and revisions and now the car is a totally different animal. Feels like i’m driving a race car linear power from 2K through redline in all the gears. No more hesitation, no more excessive rev hang, no more lunging at lower RPM. The best money upgrade you can make! These are more than just power gains. 5 stars! Thanks

Andrew J. ( 2012 Honda Civic Si) Nov 2018
Thank you so much steve for the tuning, the car feels so much better the before, part throttle and full throttle is so much better and for also noticing the thermostat needed to be replaced. You truly know what you are doing. For anyone thinking of getting a etune, do it!! Its going to benefit you in every way! 🙂

Brandon D. (2006 Honda Civic R18 AT) Nov 2018
Steve just finished tuning my CTE supercharged TSX & overall I would rate 10/10. It’s was previously tuned by another reputable tuner and I don’t know what magic Steve did but the car feels much more responsive now. Communication is efficient (non-existent with previous service) & Steve was professional. I’m happy how this turned out & there’s definitely an extra surge of power that wasn’t there before. Now I might just keep the car a little longer 🙂

Alex R. (2009 Acura TSX CTE SuperCharged Nov 2018)
I couldn’t be more pleased with the results and/or more impressed with your service over the course of the last few weeks. With most of my past tuning experiences centered in the world of German cars, I’m almost dumbfounded by the value and level of care that you are providing here in the Honda world. You and your team have undoubtable developed a skill in this market that is miles beyond the average and when combined with your dedication to customer service; truly world-class. The progression of the car with each revision could be felt, just as described; and the next revisions adjustments always seemed to be carefully calculated and absolutely correct. I never once felt as if we were wasting time or spinning our wheels. I don’t rave to my wife about many interactions but, she’s likely sick of hearing about this one….It has been one of the most impressive I have experienced in quite some time!

Ian H. (9thGen CIvic SuperCharged Oct 2018)
So I finally had the chance to upload the calibration yesterday and go for a ride to finally feel what a custom tune is like. Steve, I don’t know what to say, i’m speechless! I never imagined a custom tune would make such a difference! I really underestimated it and I am so glad I picked up FP and started working with you on a tune. I know you must hear that a lot but you really make these cars come alive. Maybe it doesn’t mean much coming from a guy who’s only experience with cars is his civic but man, I really fell in love again with my car.
The throttle response is insane! I realized with this calibration that the first few percent of the throttle pedal (on the OEM tune) were kind of, empty if that makes sense. Now, when I apply the slightest bit of gas, it starts to rev. Now maybe this is the placebo effect but even when driving normally, shifting at around 3.5K RPM, I honestly feel like the car pulls harder, like it wants to go! I love this feeling. I could go on for hours but besides the throttle response, the lowered VTEC, the torque, the power, the lack of rev hang, you know what gets me the most? The transition from 2nd to 3rd in WOT. I’ve always felt kind of a jerkiness when shifting gears in VTEC before, and for the longest time, I thought I was causing this. But when I shifted from second to third  in power for the first time, my jaw dropped. I was glued to my seat and like everyone says, the car just keeps pulling! The car is 10x more enjoyable. It really is insane knowing that I only have an intake and a cat back. Thank you so much. 

Jean P. (FlashPro Civic NA Oct 2018)
I installed the second revision you sent out and went for a brief ride last night and this morning (car feels great!), I will record some more data logs after work and send them out to you this evening. Throttle response feels better, seems to spool up faster and definitely a noticeable power gain in the higher RPMs (Seems like when the VTEC kicks in at higher RPMs it’s much more aggressive, liking it!), definitely feeling better over all! Originally after I installed my cold air intake and updated the +6 basemap to the +6 Injen CAI basemap, my car actually felt less responsive and felt like it had a noticeable power loss. With the tunes you have provided so far the car feels alive again! I’m guessing the intake altered the AFR and the basemaps do not properly compensate for this. So far whatever you have done is helping to correct this, thank you! Looking forward to more!

Salvatore L (FlashPro 10thGen Civic Turbo Sept 2018)

Thanks for all the help with the tuning, couldn’t have asked for better. I will definitely be a returning customer in the future in the next year if I go S/C or a more aggressive cam setup with a K24 bottom end. The car is driving great, it is a night and day difference from the basemaps I was running and the tune far exceeded my expectations. For those that are hesitant to tune or think running a basemap will suffice, you are really missing out. Thanks again for all the help and suggestions!

Cameron L. (FlashPro 8thGen Civic NA Sept 2018)
Thanks for the awesome service Steve, I’ve already recommended you to a few buddies of mine for your excellent service. My car came out to be far better than I imagined, I underestimated how well a tuned car would be. My end goal is to supercharge in the coming years, I’ll definitely tune with you again, but until then, thank you for the awesome service.

–Kevin M. (FlashPro 9thGen Civic K24 NA Sept 2018)
I’ve worked with other tuners over the years for my Honda and Steve is by far my favorite. I live in the Pacific southwest with low octane fuel and high temperatures, I needed someone competent who could tune my custom TVS1320 build for this challenging climate. Steve did an excellent job tuning my vehicle, but I’m most impressed with his customer service. Unlike others I’ve worked with he’s humble and takes the time to answer my questions. He even took the time to thoughfully respond while on vacation and helped me work through some startup mechanical issues on my build. Long story short I’d highly recommend Steve and I plan on using his tuning services for the foreseeable future.

Frederik T. (FlashPro – MercRacing SC Kit Sept 2018)
The car felt incredibly better! The noise I heard before disappeared. The car really has a whole new life to it! My acceleration and response is definitely making big strides with your tune. It’s almost like driving a completely different car. I had to start slowly and easily got a hang of it, and loved it! The car sounds so much better too! It sounds fierce, not like a hollow empty sound. It feels that it really is making the most of my parts. Finally, I can’t forget to say that the vtech is now such a fun area to stay in now. I’m livin’ the vtech life now! Before it was just some cool little lights and a lot of sound.
Thank you for your awesome work so far and I look forward to your next tunes. I really want to go to a better track where I can let go, but hopefully these logs work for now. Thanks again!

Renan  A (FlashPro – 9thGen Civic NA Sept 2018)
Honestly its a night/day difference from since day 1. Car feels way more ”alive”, everything is smooth now and it pulls way harder at WOT! The gains are at all the powerband .. also the car is way more torquier at mid need to downshift everytime to pass someone lol. It idle smooth and even when i shift its butterysmooth. I’m really impressed on what you achieved already in such a low revision # and i will come back for another revision as soon as i receive my J35 throttlebody or further modification. Highly recommended 🙂

Benjamin B (FlashPro – 8th Gen Civic Si K20 NA Aug 2018)
Thank You so much for the new calibration! Your awesome!!! I really do appreciation the customer service and attention to detail. I will absolutely use you again and have recommended you to all my friends.

Adam S. (FlashPro – 9th Gen 2013 Civic Si K24 w/ CTE S.C. July 2018)
Hey Steve, the car is running fantastic man, very happy how car proforms. very responsive, increased power all thru RPM. More bottom end torque. vtec is just a beast. header gives it that top end power  and more gas milage. idles perfert and runs like a dream. Thanks again man for your time and effort on my new set up. I will be in touch in the future as always looking for more power lol. My first set up with aem intake ran great with no issues too . i got alot of respect for the work you do. I would definitly recomend anyone looking for tuning to give you a call. 

Doug A. (FlashPro – 8th Gen Honda Civic July 2018)
I noticed my shifting keeps becoming more smooth its nice. There is also a lot more power now when vtec kicks. Before It was more just noise and not much pull, but now there is more pull and definitely feel more power there now. Here is my 3rd data log. Its crazy how much improvement and different each revision is. Looking forward to what’s next.

Vang H. (FlashPro – Honda Civic May 2018)
So far, I’m amazed at the difference. Even though we’re still early in process, its incredible how smooth everything is running. Just a insight for you that I AM LOVING it so far 🙂  Thanks a bunch again!  

Sage W. (FlashPro – K20Z3 Honda Civic April 2018)
Thank you sir! I appreciate the business y’all have done with me, it has been exceptional. You guys have been awesome, I appreciate the hard work making sure my engine performs well and is on a safe tune! 

Alec P.  (FlashPro 2008 Honda Civic April 2018)
Where do I start? 10/10 for customer service. 10/10 for working with me with all my changes for to car. 10/10 friendly and welcoming staff members ( Steve ). I will return in the future for anything and everything I do with Honda/Acura vehicles. Working with Steve for my 8th gen Si he showed me in each revision what he did and explained everything clearly. As the revisions worked it’s way from 1 to 9 I noticed my car becoming more powerful. The tweaking and minor things Steve did paid off for optimizing my cars potential. Thanks! Cheers E-tunez

Erik L.  (FlashPro 2008 Honda Civic March 2018)
Thanks! The car is running great and very strong. Only regret on my part is not doing this earlier. I can’t wait to get it out on the track next spring and have some fun! Thanks again,

Rob H.  (FlashPro AP2 S2000 Nov 2017)
Not sure what kind of magic you work behind that computer but you “da man” bro. My idle surge stopped, shifts like butter now. I`m truly amazed! Car drives really friggin good now. How can I leave you positive feed back with your boss or wha can I do to help support your business? Thanks so much 

Chris V. (KPro RSX-S Aug 2017)
Awesome! I really appreciate your work! The car is definitely running well, super smooth. The midrange torque bump was fairly noticeable, along with the mid 4k VTC point. Just noticed the launch control the other day too! As always, if someone I know needs some tuning for their Honda, I will definitely direct them straight to you! 

–Ian O.(FlashPro J35 Accord V6 Aug 2017)
I logged a session on track at The Ridge Motorsports Park near Shelton, Washington, altitude close to that of Portland International Raceway, and another at Oregon Raceway Park, which is at altitude 2,200 – 2,340 feet. I am thrilled with my custom tune! This is a peppier car than ever before!

Jim S. (FlashPro AP2 S2000 May 2017)
Hi Steve, it’s been 5 years since you tuned my FA5 with the comptech SC and it’s run great this whole time! I recently went back to Megan header and stock cat and need a re-tune! After 5 years of events though I won’t lie, car has run great and I can’t even remember how to run my Flashpro anymore.

Hank Y. (FlashPro 2007 K20Z3 w/CTE SuperCharger, May 2017)
Thank you so much! The car feels so good! I haven’t had a chance to do any logs as I was out of town all week, but it looks great from just driving around. I really appreciate all your help and attention to detail. From helping me with my mechanical issues at first, to getting the tune dialed in.
I have never had a custom tune where someone was so involved, and asked me all the specific questions you did. I really feel like the tune was done properly and you really helped me out a lot. I will recommend you and your company to everyone I know looking to tune their Honda, and I really look forward to working with you on any future tunes as the car progresses with new mods.
Thanks again!

Sean M. (KPro 2002 RSX K24A2, October 2016)

I have been working on my 2011 FG2 with Steve since 2012. The experience I have had with Steve has just been phenomenal. His customer service is second to none, consistently responds to emails within a day or 2, and is just overall a great guy to collaborate with. He has thoroughly answered every single question I have had and been kind enough to grace me with some of his incredible knowledge. He is a master of his craft and makes you feel as if you are his only customer. Sometimes I will go 10 days in a row logging and getting a new map and logging, then get sucked into another project and not speak with him for a few months. Once I jump back into the Civic and start working again I will send him a new log and its as if we had been working together the entire time I was gone. I can turn wrenches and shift gears but when it comes to tuning the computer I let him take over. I do all my own work and do not trust most passengers in my car let alone someone else working on my baby, but I have always felt safe working with E-tunez. I feel like I’m part of the process with Steve and not just handing my keys to someone and having them tell me when its done.
My car is slowly evolving into a beast and I could not have done it without Steve and the E-tunez team. It is great to be able to do this so quickly online without having to find some shop with a dyno and then having to get to trust them. Overall just a great experience and I am looking forward to any future projects that I can work with Steve and the E-tunez team on.

Dan D. (FlashPro 2011 Civic Si, February 2016)
I have tuned about a half a dozen times with Steve here at e-tunez. Its been always a pleasant tuning with Steve. Did tunes on different setups NA and Currently turbo. Anytime i was having an issue either tune related/electrical or mechanical Steve was very helpful at pointing out the possible cause. On my new Built R18 Turbo we went the whole tune session without a single knock! Car tuned very nicely and makes a ton of power and drives smooth like a factory tune. These guys know what they are doing when it comes to tuning. I come here for all my tuning needs everytime! )) 

–Quirino P. (FlashPro Civic R18, Turbo December 2015)
I uploaded [Revision 1]… It’s amazing, I love it! It’s smoother, the throttle is responsive, rev hang went away, the engine revs quicker, there’s no bucking in 1st or 2nd, early VTEC… I could go on and on… The launch rev limiter was a pleasant surprise too; I forgot that got added to the tune. At every stoplight I was playing around with that, so much fun!!

Can’t wait for the next revision. I don’t know how the tune could get any better! Thank you Steve! 

 –Ian O. (FlashPro Civic Si FA5 2009, K20 STOCK October 2015)
Just wanted to share my experience about E-Tunez. So starting off the Tuner I went with was Steve. I sent him my list of modifications which is, I have a 2014 civic si full bolt ons with rbc swap. He sent me a basemap to start and began datalogging. Process continued back and forth until the final product. Steve would get back to me within 2 days tops which I can understand because tuning is not a simple process lol. I have to say, Steve was very informative through the tuning process. He would let me know what changes he made, walking me through the process with each revision. He always answered any questions in full detail so I would understand even though I felt like I was asking dumb questions half the time as I am new to tuning lol. The car was night and day difference, part throttle was very responsive and smooth even at wide open throttle.

By the way, be sure to ask Steve about the JDM throttle plate. You will enjoy it. I had a very easy time tuning with Steve, that when I go boost I will definitely be looking to him again for his expertise and knowlege that he can provide. I appreciate the hard work you have done and cant wait until next time.   

–Pamir (FlashPro, 2014 Civic Si, NA September 2015)
Just wanted to let you know that you’ve made my commute so much easier. The car doesn’t buck around like crazy anymore. Even my passengers have noticed the difference. Aside from that, responsiveness and power is ridiculous! I don’t feel the need to downshift all the time to make a pass/lane change because midrange response is much better. It confirms my preference of MAP based tunes over AF. I’m really glad I went with you Steve. Thank you for handling all the science on your end. Your expertise really shines through in the work you do. I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

–Ricky (FlashPro Civic 2008 K20 NA Oct 2014)

Hey Steve,

The tune is great! The car feels awesome with all the new parts and the tune you gave me. more than likely i will end up with more parts down the road for sure. planning on maybe boosting next summer. not sure yet but you never know. anyways thanks alot steve you have been great and easy to deal with. i would recommend you any day to anyone else. i will be looking for more tunes sometime as well. thanks again steve. ill be talking to you soon. 

Andrew (FlashPro Civic 2012 K24 NA May 2014)
Steve, Thanks for your hard work. This tune has completely transformed the car; when needed it’s completely civilized, and on the straights it’s an absolute blast, and the cherry on the cake is that all the while I’m getting better fuel economy! I can hardly wait until the HPDE season starts so I can see what this car can do in lap tips! If I ever decide to put more money into this car I’ll definitely be in touch for a retune, and in the meantime I’ll definitely be recommending your services to others.

-Yuyu (April 2014)
I am very happy of what you diod so far and id like to thank you for everything. your tuning made all my mods come together and made a huge difference in the performance of my car! so I look forward to my last revision hopefully I can try it out the weekend if you get time to work on it. Thanks again ill be back for a retune when I put more mods on my car!

Andrew Y. (Sept 2013)
I thought I’d just give you an update on my car. In short, it’s continuing to run extremely well. Took it to the track and knocked a 1/2 second of my E/T and gained nearly 2 mph in the trap (only difference was the tune). Mileage ranged in the 29-30 mpg range on the way too. Thanks for all of your work steve, my baby now has 30,000 miles. I’ll definitely be in touch for a re-tune when I finally purchase a header

Ben P. (FlashPro Civic Si NA)
Steve, the tune looks amazing. It’s a completely different car haha. I just wanted to say thanks for all those late nights you pulled working on this tune buddy. I really appreciate it. You have some mad skills with tuning and It was awesome to work with you! I hope we can keep in touch as you probably know yourself, the mod bug never goes away so eventually I am going to need another tune with some new parts haha Smile. Anyways man have a good one and thanks again for all your help.

Jimmy F. (FlashPro Civic R18 NA)
These guys go above and beyond whether you are a paying customer or not. I saw the free once over on a tune you have done yourself for pointers and a rating on how well of a job you have done.
Steve reviewed my tune and told where improvements where needed and when I couldn’t figure it out myself did it for me free of charge. I can honestly say there aren’t too many companies that will do that. But overall great experience and looking forward to dealing in the future.

Donnel O. (FlashPro Civic K20 NA)
I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and let you know the Car has never ran better. It was a pleasure working with you and i will be back when i get my exhaust system. I do not know many people that can take advantage of your talents, but if I come across anyone, I will highly recommend you. I will reach out to you once the weather changes to see if anything can be done at that point. I am hoping to have an exhaust by mid summer, so I will definitely get a re-tune at that point. Again, it has been a pleasure and I really appreciate your professionalism. Thanks Steve!! 

Dave O. (FlashPro Civic Si NA)
So far the car feels great, its so much more lively now. I’m noticing that I am using less pedal input to get up to speed; the lower part of the revband (3000-5000 rpm) has a substantial increase in torque. I also find myself shifting at lower rpms and I’ve noticed that although I have ran the car hard for the dataloging that I’m still returning better mpg figures than before the etune.

Carey L. (FlashPro Civic Si NA)
Thanks, E-Tunez team! Tuned to perfection, and that repeating log-flash-log-flash cycle is ideal for catching all the little nuances for the way I drive. The very first map brought it to ‘safe under boost’. Much more convenient than taking the car somewhere to get it tuned, like the dealer (shudder), or even a dyno.
I took my 2011 Si hotrod out for a short run after the final flash, it was great! Oh, and it cold-started perfect this morning. 

Les. (FlashPro Civic Si CT-E Stage 2)
Hello, I would like to thank everyone on e-tunez, phonomenal job in my 08’ Sedan Si. Thank you very much for your help and your attention, E-tunez answered and posted revisions EVERY DAY, Saturday, Sunday.. doesn’t matter what day is! I have a lot to say, but i will resume in a few words.. E-tunez is the best and that’s all.

Thiago L. –SiClub Brazil
Well guys, just have to say that the work you do is unbelievable. My tuner just completed tuning my stock si and the outcome has gone way beyond my original expectations. First the power the car puts out is outstanding. I had no idea that you could get these results from a completely stock car. Its not like it has turned into a race car now but with its new found torque and hp it is so much more fun to drive. From just daily driving 2 to 4k rpm it accelerates faster and has more torque to make engaging first gear from a stand sill a breze. It doesnt bog down any more. In the high end it is all together a lot quicker and transitions between gears better. Customer service is the best out of any company i have dealt with in ages. Steve answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns quickly and politely. Also turn around time on my revisions was never more than a day which was great. You have something new to look forward to every morning ! My car did deliver some unexpected software problems but my tuner stuck with the tune untill he made it perfect. It took a few more revisions than what was included in the package i purchased but he did not let me go untill everything in my tune was safe and delivered what i expected.. I cant say enough great things about E Tunez and the way they do business.. Thank you guys for all you have done for me and my car. I will definitely be back to retune as i continue to mod my car. i cant thank you enough!! I hope you all have a great holiday and i hope to do business again soon. 

Justin J. (FlashPro Civic Si NA Stock)
I’ve been running the map of the final revision for the past week and I just have to say it runs ridiculously good! I thought the basemap off of Accesstuners ran great but MAN, this is how the car should of ran from factory. Power is everywhere whenever you need it, even when you don’t Smile The throttle is a lot more controllable and the revs don’t linger in between shifts anymore. The car also seems to be getting better gas mileage. Thanks Steve for the great work! Whenever I get new mods, I’ll definitely be hitting you guys up for more! 

Julian Y. (FlashPro Civic Si NA)
I was looking for someone to tune my 06 Honda S2000, and had e-tunez recommended to me. I checked out their website, and found that they only had R18 and K20 listed for current tuning packages. So I used the Contact Us link and asked if they supported the Honda S2000 (F22c). Steve quickly responded to my mail and said he’d be happy to look at my datalogs. He asked for a list of mods on my car, and my location. From there, he told me that I’d be the first S2000 he’s done.
Customer service is second to none! I cannot overstate the level these guys are at. My questions were always answered in detail, and I was given a very good idea of what to expect during the process of e-tuning. The process and methodology is very well thought out and logical. Once we started the revision/log process, it moved along quickly. Steve had new revisions back to me quite often within 24 hours of me sending him the logs. I call that outstanding!! Along the way, with the emails and notes that accompany the new revisions, all the changes being made were explained very well. Their customer service is exceeded only by their tuning ability.
Going in, being a different motor I was told that initially we’d be getting a baseline for where it was at, and would be making small changes from there. The first map revision I got was a huge improvement over stock. Several revisions were made, then Steve re-indexed my ignition and fuel tables completely. You could instantly tell that he’d hit really close to the mark. Throttle was crisp, and the motor was smooth. So much so, I’d find myself running more rpm than usual, just because it was so much smoother. He moved the vtec crossover a bit from where it was stock to find the ideal crossover point. Where vtec used to spike and give that little kick when it hit the high cam, is gone. The car just pulls and builds power progressively from the low cam to the high cam. Anyone who tracks their car will appreciate this. Building power so smoothly and quickly now, it’s deceptively fast. Ask about the JDM throttle map also…you’ll be glad you did.
During the process, my intake temps were really high and Steve suggested I get an Injen CAI. This helped the tuning it quite a bit due to the lower intake air temps. Once I had the CAI installed, he sent me a revision that was very close. The last few revisions were just dialing in the fine points, and the final revision is right on the mark. My LTRIM and STRIM are +/- ~3% and my mileage is actually over what it was stock. Strong and safe AFRs that let the car pull like a freight train WOT all the way to redline compared to stock.

They have made a world of difference in how the car feels. You won’t believe how much Honda left on the table, especially in terms of drivability. Gone is the Jeckel & Hyde personality of being on the low/high cams. Just a crisp, responsive power delivery across the rpm range. E-tunez offers outstanding technical ability combined with excellent customer service. The ease of the e-tuning process and the results far exceeded my expectations. If you have an S2000 that’s stock or not, get a FlashPro, then get in touch with e-tunez!!!

Keith (FlashPro S2000 NA)
I had the pleasure of working with Steve at E-Tunez to tune my ’08 Civic Si Coupe. The end result was that my car drove totally different in comparison to factory configurations. The difference was AMAZING! Throttle response was improved greatly and is noticeable immediately. Fuel mileage so far seems to be an improvement which is definitely a bonus considering that engine power is increased as well. Even though our 2.0litre 4-cylinder engines have very little low and mid-range torque, daily driving has been made a whole lot easier. Compared to before, you don’t need to rev up the engine as much to get up to speed! This is how the Civic Si should have been like from the factory. Would I recommend getting a tune by Steve from E-Tunez to anyone else? The answer is yes. 

Andrew H. (FlashPro)
First, I want to say that Dan excels when it comes to being understanding and knowledgeble. My work schedule was hectic during the times I was getting tuned,he told me no worries take your time and be safe. My Supercharged beauty is a beast now. I used to have hard starting issues and a lack in low end power with the basemap I ran, but not anymore. Dan adjusted things slightly to gradually up the power and reliabilty, and keep me abrupt of everything that was going on from beginning to end. When I began this project, I could only afford the bare neccesities so I felt that tuning was okay with just a basemap NOT SO. The car even in different conditions ran horrible but since Dan at E-tunez came to the rescue i’ll never drive another car without his tune in my ECU. Thank you Dan for helping me with through some tough times and with making a wise descison. GO E-TUNEZ!!!!

Grady (FlashPro Supercharged)
Just want to take the time to thank Steve on the great job he did for my car. He gave me a tune that felt great right off the bat. After the first two updates the car was already feeling smoother and quicker. My MPGs also started to get better. Steve’s replies were quick and never told me anything about taking days/week to reply with new datalogs (even though he should’ve). Overall the experience was great, the car runs 100% better. The car is smooth throughout the rev range. Vtec kicks in smoothly at 4500 and pulls to the 8500 redline..
Thanks a lot Steve, I appreciate your help. I will return to you when I update my mods. 

Galaxygrey13 (flashpro) enthusiast 
I thought I’d take a few minutes at share my experience with with everyone.
I recently had my go-power custom header and 3″ full race exhaust installed. After uploading a base map I knew that it wasn’t going to cut it, and after shelling out a pretty penny for that custom header I wanted to get my money’s worth. I believe I saw the ad for e-tunez in Jay’s sig so I decided to look into them. After reading through their site I decided to go with the ultimate package since my car is my daily driver and I wanted to retain maximum drivablity and hopefully regain some mpgs.
After paying for the package I was emailed by Steve (BV1) within the hour with a few questions regarding what modifications I have, what tuning device I was using, and if I was already using a map. He also requested a 30 minute datalog of normal driving as well as a 3rd gear pull. My power mods at the time were: CT-e intake, TBS & gaskets, IMG gasket, custom go power header, 3″ full race exhaust.
I sent Steve my list of mods, the calibration I was currently using and the datalogs. The next day Steve sends me his initial calibration for my setup. Believe me when I say the difference was night and day right off the bat. Throttle response increased, seamless vtec crossover, all bucking gone, and the car just wanted to go go go when I smashed the gas. I was amazed! The next 3 revisions went the same way; 30 minute data log and a couple of 3rd gear pulls. Each revision the car just got better and smoother. With the last 4 revisions the time datalogging increased to an hour worth per log and included 3rd gear pulls. The longer the datalog and the more varied the driving conditions the better.
After revision 8 I mentioned to Steve I was thinking about installing a CAI since I was unhappy with my high IATs. Steve was warm to the idea and sent me another revision to use after I installed the CAI. After installing the CAI and doing another hour worth of logging and a few pulls, Steve sent me my final revision. The car drives great and I couldn’t be happier with what I’ve received. My AFRs are spot on, my s.trims vary between +/- 3 while remaining at near zero most of the time, I put down 214hp/170tq with my CT-e intake(have yet to plot the CAI). The quality of the product and customer service went far above what I was expecting. Steve took the time to answer all of my noob questions and even offered some insight to an unrelated problem when asked. If anyone is up in the air on where to get an e-tune from, do yourself a favor and go with folks at You definitely wont regret it.

khronox (FlashPro)
Dan has recently finished my etune – and I have to say WOW!  It’s really a night and day difference, especially when I tried the old GroupN map during this weekend for comparison purposes. The car is very smooth now and pulls subjectively much stronger now which is also objectively proven by the edyno… I would like to thank you for your perfect work and will probably be looking for some possible future cooperation again :^) 

Jan (FlashPro FN2)
I want to take the time to say thank you very much once again.  You completely woke up the beast in my car and made it very fun to drive again.  I appreciate your time in fine tuning every aspect of my car.  I will def be a returning customer as well as refer others!  E-Tunez is awesome! Thanks a bunch! 

Ihazvtec (FlashPro)
WOW ! Christmas came early this year for the Si. That map, I dont know what changes you made, but its insane. After 6000rpm it pulls like crazy and down low it has more grunt as well. This is how my Si should have come right off the lot! Its like a whole new car. You seriously work some Si magic!  

08CivicMan (AccessPORT)
E-tunez = best solution for tuning your car, period! I have spent countless days with my local tuner trying to get the car tuned to my expectations. He still couldn’t get the tune I was looking for. At times my car felt sluggish, ran rich, or had hesitation. I was very frustrated with my car as to how it drove, after putting a lot of time, work, and money into supercharging it. I took a look on e-tunez website, sent a quick email explaining what I was looking for and they replied within the day. He told me everything he would do for me. From the start I knew he was doing more than my current tuner. He even took the time to explain everything to me. It was exceptional customer service from the start and we never even started the tune yet. I trusted him because he sympathized what I wanted and he tuned my car like it was his own vehicle. From the base map he sent me my car felt like night and day versus my old tune. He explained the procedures and I went out to datalog them. It felt like he was right there as well tuning my car. I would send the logs back and he would fix what was needed and revised the calibration until it was perfect. My car feels and drives like a stock car but with more power and torque due to it being supercharged and getting the full benefits from it. I am very happy with the tune and e-tunez customer service. I should have went with these guys right from the start!

a1j7g (FlashPro Supercharged)
The final revision feels so so strong, it feels like it should! I used to get a pretty good blip in power around 6300 RPM its just so so smooth now i cannot describe it, your changes were for the better!  

JEA86 (FlashPro)
WOW when driving normal the car felt so good that i couldnt even believe it, litterally for a second i thought something was wrong cuz it felt sooo much better, and it felt nice driving a few miles and not having to see bars dissapear on my gas meter.

Fre$h si (FlashPro)
“My experience with e-tunez is phenomenal. They did an incredible job with my tune. They will not stop until the tune is safe and perfect. I would highly recommend e-tunez to anybody looking for a custom tune. My car is faster, smoother and more responsive. Thank you!!”  

Samiglite (AccessPORT/FlashPro)
“I am happy with the experience. I’m glad you were willing to work with the
different elevations and put up with me only being able to get 1 pull a day
at 6000ft. 
When I first installed stage 2 with the base map I was unsatisfied…. the tune changed that, I now feel the upgrade was worth it.” 

EuphoricRhythm (FlashPro/CT-e Supercharged)
“Just got done driving it around town and I’m love’n it! Pulls like a mother in the higher rpm and feels torquey in the lower. By far the best map that’s been on the car. You made me a happy man. Thanks!!!”  

Reedjor1 (AccessPORT)
Hey steve its Jake. Everything is absolutely amazing!! Everything is so smooth its unreal!! One thing i was wondering was once we are all done with this, should i get it re-tuned when summer comes back around? Was just wondering if the temperature change would effect the tune. Other than that everything is great!! ZERO complaints!! Keep up the good work Steve! I cant thank you enough for this, its like driving a different car! Thanks!!:)” 

–Jake (FlashPro Civic NA)