Currently the FlashPro/K-Tuner/K-Pro/Cobb and S300 tuning solutions are supported for a variety of engines. We can support others on a case by case basis, for example AEM Pro etc. Datalogs should be at least 30 minutes of mixed driving, in the manner typical of your driving style. Datalog should also include two 3rd gear WOT runs, typically done at the track or in another safe environment. These runs should be WOT from 2000 RPM to near maximum engine RPM. The 30 minutes of datalogging should be done after the engine is fully warmed up, typically 15 minutes. During that time, you must the drive the car like you normally would (15 minutes) , AND also try to target different area of the map, such as LOW load 4000 RPM, or HIGH load 1500 RPM, or LOW load 6000 RPM, and everything in between. From 6000 RPM and up all we need is WOT value so don’t worry too much about that. That data will be recovered from the two 3rd WOT pulls. We do need vacuum data for below 6000 RPM though.

Be sure during the revision process to NOT change gas stations or fuel type, as this will affect the tuning process. Also advise of any adverse or abnormal weather during the logs. The car does not have a humidity sensor and humidity affects oxygen content and therefore fuel trims.

Datalogs and maps should be mailed to Your first revision of the custom tune will be emailed to you within 48 hours of receipt of your payment. Your email should specify your current modification list, any concerns or areas of interest, and the map type desired (Track or Performance Street). Performance Street maps will have safety margins included. Return to 0 cam angles when off gas, safer AFR’s in 2nd and 3rd, safer cold start fueling etc, but still included all optimum WOT fueling values. Track maps will be all out performance map yielding every advantage when on the gas, between shifts and at high RPM. This comes at the cost of narrower safety margins under high load.

Please be ware that even the best tune, can not repair damage resulting from wear and tear, or physical mechanical abuse. Prevention is the key, and E-tunez will detect and correct conditions that left unabated could lead to potential mechanical damage, but we can not be held responsible for mechnical failure related to modifying your engine or ECU.

If you unsure on the quality of your current e-tune or dyno-tune we can analyze your datalogs for you and we will provide feedback for FREE. Simply email a 30 min datalog with some WOT, along with your modification list and map the datalog was done on. In return we will go over the numbers and give you a review of what we see, identify and issues and assign a score out of 10 for overall tuning status and running condition.

Under tuning services we have tuning options for your consideration. Our email for all datalogs and maps is: