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Welcome to E-Tunez, the original online engine and ECU tuning specialists! We have been tuning right here online since before the original iPhone 2g! How times flies… Our tuning is done online, and on your schedule. We can also do remote tuning at a dyno facility of your choice. All our tunes are unlocked, and they always have been! If you are looking for a place to share and find great tuning information this is it. With over 12 years experience using EFI technology to tune fuel injected engines, and multiple tuners and backgrounds we can help you attain the best performance and mileage possible. Currently we offer support and revision based tuning for the Hondata FlashPro, Cobb Tuning Accessport (Access Tuner Race) and K-Pro devices as well as tuning in general for Honda engines. Want to know more about our tuners? Learn more About Us here and checkout some of our recent, real life reviews!

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Creating a custom tune for your vehicle can be a complicated and a timing consuming process. We are here to simplify and enhance the experience. Just as no two people are exactly the same, no two engines are exactly the same, and no two tunes or modifications packages always produce the exact same results. Even stock tunes on stock vehicles run very different, this is why some cars appears to be “factory freaks” and some cars could end up being “lemons” (after prolonged time of detonation, overly rich/lean conditions etc). The ECU can not always see the fault and trigger a CEL, just like bots can’t see the encrypted numbers in forum registration pages. A quality tune is like a piece of digital art, the key to which is having a good artist making small effective adjustments averaged over varying operating conditions, with feedback measured against your real world operating conditions. This is exactly what we do.  We provide a quality, custom tune designed to mesh perfectly with your specific vehicle, and base our adjustments on logs provided by you in real word operating conditions.

Edyno: E-tunez is happy to be providing graphs for the Edyno, during the tuning process if you would like an Edyno of your tune at anytime, please title one of your logs “Edyno” or similar, and make sure the information in the logs is from a track with a level surface as inclines will affect results.

Didn’t recieve your registration email?If you are having trouble receiving your confirmation email, please check your spam folder. Our email server may have been blocked by your mail program. If you can’t find it, please send us an email at tuning@e-tunez.comand we will manually finish the activation process, or also try texting us for live support under “Contact Us”. We apoligize for any inconvience this may cause.

We also offer some FREE services like: Datalog Analysis so if your not sure about your tune, we will take a look for free and let you know how your cars running. See our Services section for more information.

We also have tuning support for the 2016-19+ Honda Civic Turbo Si and the Type R on the L15B7 and K20C! Check out some of this Type R dyno results

What others are saying:  

The final revision feels so so strong, it feels like it should! I used to get a pretty good blip in power around 6300 RPM its just so so smooth now i cannot describe it, your changes were for the better!  -JEA86 (FlashPro)

WOW ! Christmas came early this year for the Si. That map, I dont know what changes you made, but its insane. After 6000rpm it pulls like crazy and down low it has more grunt as well. This is how my Si should have come right off the lot! Its like a whole new car. You seriously work some Si magic!  –08CivicMan (AccessPORT)

“My experience with e-tunez is phenomenal. They did an incredible job with my tune. They will not stop until the tune is safe and perfect. I would highly recommend e-tunez to anybody looking for a custom tune. My car is faster, smoother and more responsive. Thank you!!”  -Samiglite (AccessPORT/FlashPro)

We are constantly updating are reviews based on your feedback, thanks! Read more reviews under our Review Page or see more information  about the E-Tunez Advantage or just learn more about who we are.  E-tunez is proud to offer support in English and French, see here.

Note: E-tunez tuning services are intended for off-road/race vehicles only. As this is an online international service, that is offered worldwide, users are expected to be in compliance with their local laws and to confirm edibility of their vehicle in the local jurisdiction before using any engine tuning services.

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