Analog Inputs


(KPro III & KPro4 only)



The ground pins on the analog input connector are connected directly to the ECU ground plane. The KPro and/or ECU will be damaged if power is applied to these pins or a sensor sinks a lot of current to ground through the ground pins.  The analog ground should only be connected to sensor grounds that are either dedicated analog grounds or sink very low current (<1mA).  Never connect a wideband to the analog ground!  The o2 sensor heater will sink far too much current.


The KPro III & KPro4 have eight 0-5V analog inputs located on the KPro board. These may to datalog and record additional sensors.


Analog Inputs


To edit analog inputs, select the analog input from the Analog Inputs list.






Built in conversions for common inputs are available, or a custom conversion may be selected.


Voltage Offset

A voltage offset may be used to correct the voltage at sensor to the voltage as read by the ECU.  However, the use of a non zero voltage offset indicates a ground voltage difference, which should be fixed rather than using an offset to compensate for the voltage difference.  The ground voltage difference will not tend to be constant, as different ground current flows change the ground potential.


To reduce the ground voltage difference take care where the sensor device ground is connected to the vehicle wiring.  If the sensor device (eg a wideband controller) has an analog ground output, connect this to one of the ground pins on the KPro analog input connector. If the sensor device does not have an analog ground output, then the sensor device output voltage will vary with the current the sensor device is using. To minimize this effect, use a heavy gauge wire for the ground, shorten the sensor device ground wire to the minimum necessary and ground the sensor device to the same place as the ECU master ground – normally on the intake manifold.



Sets the amount of smoothing applied to the input.  An exponential moving average is used for smoothing.


Custom Input

Custom voltage conversions may be entered here.  Note that temperature units are always in degrees Celsius, pressure units are always in bar, air/fuel is always in lambda units.


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