We do our best to get our basemap as fast as possible. But to ensure that you receive the highest quality customized basemap or starting calibration for your ultimate tune it does take some time. So please make sure to prepare ahead for your purchase as it can take 1-2 business days from the time we recieve your vehicle information to when your initial calibration is sent out. Please also take into consideration that we are closed on weekends so if you are going to need a new calibration before the weekend or by Monday make sure the order is placed and a complete build/modification list is provided at least 2 business days before you are going to need your calibration. Perfection is our passion and that may take some time but we always strive to provide a starting calibration as soon as possible after purchasing a tuning package.

Check with your owners manual and preventative maintenance is up to date. IE Oil/oil filter, spark plugs, and check for any premature wear on items like the serpentine belt, timing chain or belt if possible. It is also always good to check for tires for safety purposes.


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Thank you for considering our services and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us @ info@E-Tunez.com