Please read this document carefully as it is a legally binding agreement. If you do not agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement, you may not use the services we provide.

1. All tunes provided by E-tunez are intended for off-road/drag strip/closed circuit track use only, where it is legal to do so.

2. In some countries installing a tune or tuning related software may be in violation of local emission laws even in off-road/track situations.

Modifying a vehicles ECU may affect emissions compliance, the user of this service is responsible for ensuring compliance with local emissions laws and regulations if applicable. E-tunez will not respond to requests to disable emission control parameters/detection.

3. All tunes supplied by E-tunez should be reviewed by the purchaser before being uploaded to the vehicle as ultimately you are responsible for your vehicle and the software it is running. By purch2asing a digital tuning solution, you acknowledge you understand the risks of tuning your own car. By uploading or re-flashing new parameters to your ECU (Engine Control Unit / Computer) you acknowledge the manufacture of your vehicle may refuse a warranty claim related to the modification of the ECU and the parameters it controls. E-Tunez does not provide a mechanical guarantee with our tunes, and we do not guarantee that they will work with your modifications or setup. Any ECU flashing procedure inherently carries the risk of a failed flash which could lead to an ECU being in a “Recovery Mode” that may or may not be recoverable, users of this service acknowledge this risk. By uploading an E-tunez calibration file to your vehicle you agree that you have reviewed this information as well as the tune and the parameters it entails and have made the decision to apply them to a vehicle recognizing that this will affect the driving parameters of the vehicle. E-tunez is not responsible for mechanical failure associated with modification of or re-flashing of your engine or ECU. E-tunez will make every reasonable effort to see that your tune is of the highest quality, please contact us at for any concerns.

4. E-tunez supports efforts to reduce the environmental impact of motorsport and continues to offer no charge (free) datalog analysis, technical support and re-tuning to customers endeavoring to reduce their carbon footprint by installing a functional catalytic converter or other emissions compliant hardware.