Cobb AccessPORT Tuning

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We are pleased to support the Cobb AccessPORT is covered under our premium tune, due to the complexity of the software and datalog analysis required Cobb AP logs deserve a bit more time to make sure they are perfect.

This custom Cobb AP tune is for Cobb AP vehicles, such as Mazda, Ford, BMW, Mitsubishi, and Subaru… etc. This tune will include helping you to complete your course to get your Access Tuner software, although Cobb may charge you extra for the cost of the course itself (which is not included in this tune). The tuning field for Cobb is so diverse we funnel it all under this tuning package as opposed to creating different vehicles. Featuring unlimited revisions, and/or modification changes. It includes any vehicle and any tuning hardware that has tuning software available (as long as we can get licensing to use it) and any setup as well as 7 day a week technical/tuning support available from our personal cell phone. This support also includes live support, consulting with and/or delivering maps/advice to other tuners of your choice, i.e. your local dyno shop. Of course it also includes the usual complete Wide Open Throttle (WOT) analysis and tune as well as a complete throttle and knock analysis package. The WOT portion is similar to what is done at the dyno shop except with unlimited revisions while the part throttle tuning is focused on zeroing Short Term Fuel Trims (STFT) which will not only improve WOT transitions but also in turn improve throttle response, performance, low end torque and fuel mileage. Includes up to 6 months or 50 revisions (most NA tunes are 7-8, advanced builds are 10-15 revisions) with unlimited changes/upgrades/modifications or extra maps (Eco+MPG/Race/POP/Gurgle etc) from date of purchase, after which time this tune still continues as an Ultimate Tune, where we would finish up the current build/map, to perfection. If additional changes to modifications are needed after 6 months, this tune still qualifies for our discounted retuning packages.


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