S300 General Tuning F/B/D/H Series

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This is for custom S300 in a combination not listed above. We can’t forget those other Honda series cousins, or the famous 90’s CRX B18C1 swaps! This tune is for custom Honda builds using S300 or similar (S200 etc) software from Hondata. While we could use a stock narrowband sensor in a pinch, an aftermarket wideband like an AEM EUGO or similar is strongly recommended. Ensuring your voltage offset/ground for that is reasonable (readings in car match those in datalogs) will help ensure a perfect tune. This tune includes Wide Open Throttle (WOT) analysis and tuning as well as a complete part throttle and knock analysis package. The WOT portion is similar to what is done at a dyno shop except with more revisions while the part throttle tuning is focused on zeroing Short Term Fuel Trims (STFT) which will not only improve WOT transitions but also in turn improve throttle responseperformance, low end torque and fuel mileage. A minimum of 6 revisions, although there is no charge if 7 or more are needed to make things perfect as long as the modifications to the car have not changed.



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