Extra Map: Car Show Burble

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This is for returning customers with an existing tune purchase who are looking for a fully tuned 2nd map (no revision limit) focused on a Crackle and pop tune or Show car tune. Switch ROMS to make the car sound off with awesome quality, using specific ignition timing, fueling and ECU parameters to achieve the desired effect. The FlashPro can hold a primary and secondary map. This package gives users the option to fill the secondary slot with a back up map. This package like the other extras typically follows a tune purchase.

*Pop/Gurgle tunes are for car show purposes and not for use on any public highway. These tunes are created after a car has been fully tuned already so all other parameters in spot on. Usage of these tunes could be permanently damaging to a vehicles catalytic converter, as is therefore for show/demonstration events only.*


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