Basic Re-Tune Request (I/H/E)

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The additional Re-tune / Revision request is for returning customers. This is not necessary if your tune is still in progress and under 7 revisions OR if the only modification you are adding is a catalytic converter to an existing tune that did not have one. We would re-tune in all those situations at no charge. At E-tunez we stand behind our services, and the environment. We make it affordable to come back for a re-tune at anytime no matter how long down the road, and we encourage all our customers to meet their local emissions laws. The Re-Tune is a review and update of an existing E-tunez tune, due to new fueling requirements or for additional modifications etc, using same criteria as previously purchased tune. The tune is intended for the addition of various bolt-ons (I/H/E, throttle body upgrades, aluminum pulley swaps, even flywheels for knock sensor calibration etc). However beyond that the map will trend to shift significantly, and require more work then just a few revisions, so this re-tune is not intended for aspiration changes or camshaft changes (going naturally aspirated to forced induction not covered) or baseline fueling changes (eg fuel pump, injectors, or supercharger pulley ratios). This is because we will be re-using your previously calibrated map (this is a must, be sure to use the last map we sent) and if the baseline modifications change or fueling shifts significantly it means we should use a different procedure, see: Advanced Re-tune. The price includes at least 4 revisions. Re-tune request is automatically forwarded to your original tuner

If the only change is adding a Catalytic Converter then we will retune your car at no charge. This is our way of giving back and encouraging the use of a proper Catalytic Converter to keep our air quality and environment healthy for the next generation.


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