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Forced Induction Tuning Add-On

This is a one time add-on for aftermarket add-on turbos and superchargers (non-oem turbos) this is the add-on for you. In addition to the tuning current purchase this add-on option is for forced induction users to includes tuning and analysis of all Forced Induction tables. These are all fields greater then 0 psi and all related tables Boost, Duty cycle, Boost Controller and Wastegate Duty Cycle typically used in Forced Induction applications.

  • Tuning of Positive Pressure VE Tables
  • Boost Controller and Duty Cycle adjustment
  • Revision of knock tables for increased cylinder pressure
  • Tuning of all other related positive pressure tables (Ignition/Cam etc).

*Not neccessary for OEM Turbo users running a factory turbo, or users that have already bought this package on their previous tune.

Price: $199.00
Price: $49.00