Forced Induction Tuning Add-On

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This is a one time add-on for your Ultimate Tune or if your already tuned NA and switching to FI now, then this add-on goes along with an Advanced Retune. It is designed for aftermarket add-on turbo and superchargers (non-oem turbos) to tune the positive pressure or forced induction tables, Once this is added to a tune (in either the initial purchase or in the retune) it will never need to be added again for that vehicle. In addition to the tuning current purchase this add-on option is allows forced induction users to include tuning and analysis of all related Forced Induction tables for fueling, ignition, cam angles and knock control. These are all fields greater then 0 psi and all related tables Boost, Duty cycle, Boost Controller and Wastegate Duty Cycle typically used in Forced Induction applications.


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