Advanced Re-Tune / Basemap Upgrade

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At E-tunez we stand behind our services, and we make it affordable to come back for a re-tune at anytime no matter how long down the road. This is a review and update of an existing E-tunez tune, due to new fueling requirements or for additional modifications etc, using same criteria as previously purchased tune. Intended for the addition of various bolt-ons (I/H/E/TB/Cams etc) and includes aspiration changes (going naturally aspirated to forced induction etc). It also includes baseline fueling changes (eg: fuel pump, regulators, injectors etc). We may or may not be re-using your previously calibrated map(clarify with your tuner) for R1. If the baseline fueling modifications change then we need to start from scratch again, which is covered in this re-tune. The price includes at least 4 revisions. Re-tune requests are automatically forwarded to your original tuner.

If the only change is adding a Catalytic Converter then we will retune your car at no charge. This is our way of giving back and encouraging the use of a proper Catalytic Converter to keep our air quality and environment healthy for the next generation.



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